Adventure Tourism On Manali Tours

Manali is a picturesque hill station located in the foothills of majestic Himalayas in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. For long times, it has been one of the most lovable hill stations in India with its unique charm and fascinating attractions. It is not like other famous hill stations. It is different from other famous hill towns of India. Nature has blessed this picturesque hill town uniquely and made it a popular holiday destination for nature lovers, families and of course honeymooners. Panoramic views of green hills, spectacular sights of sun-kissed snow-capped mountains, lush meadows, etc have creates a perfect ambiance for perfect vacation in this hill town.

But adventure tourism in Manali is much more than nature beauty and peaceful ambiance. When you will tour Manali you will notice that it has given births of many adventure activities and sports. Skiing, ice-skating, paragliding, hot air ballooning, river rafting, valley crossing, bungee jumping, river crossing, heli-skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc available options for adventure sports and activities in Manali. You cannot resist yourself try first hands in adventure tourism in magnetic hill town of Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Adventure tourism in Manali also takes to the famous places near Manali called Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley. In tourism lingo, these two famous places are known as snow points. From these places you will not have only enjoy your adventure sports but also see spectacular site for snow-capped mountain peaks at sunrise and sunset.

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Puerto Galera A Philippines Travel Destination For Diving Enthusiasts

Puerto Galera is one Philippines travel destination you should not miss out on going. It is conveniently located north of Mindoro island and is about 160km from the countrys capital, Manila. In the past, Puerto Galera was a port that catered to Spanish Galleons that sought refuge from storms and typhoons. Literally translated, Puerto Galera is known as the Port of Galleon.

Today, however, the place has become renowned as having the best diving spots in the world. It is also where you will go if you are interested in outdoor activities. Yes, you can trek on the sea-front hills in the area but what lies beneath those crystal clear blue waters gives a more pleasant view. Twenty or more excellent dive sites await experienced and newbie divers alike. The diving industry supports the economy of Puerto Galera with several foreigners opening dive shops to cater to their races and hiring locals for staffing purposes.

If you love diving, then Puerto Galera is the place for you. With its inexpensive rates and good accommodations, you can surely enjoy your time underwater to escape all the hustle and bustle of everyday living. But if you arent fond of diving, you can always spend time in the sandy white beaches of this Philippines travel destination. If fresh water is your thing, then enjoy watching the Tamaraw Falls. This is an elegant display of cascading falls that are a sight to behold to passers-by.

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Luxury Holiday To Australia – The Best Travel Destination

A holiday is not just about the travel arrangements and the accommodation, it is a pot of experiences that start from the moment you step out to the moment you are back at home. Australia known for its aboriginal heritage, colonial legacy and multi-cultural bonanza, is a dream holiday destination. Surrounded by nature parks and nestled on some of the finest spots for surfing in the world, Sydney attracts travelers lie anything. Whether you are interested in the big city culture of museums, opera, fine dining and sports Holidays to Australia is your ultimate goal. The travel operator jostle for a spot on packed city beaches, relax at popular holiday spots and drive to secret, secluded beaches in coastal national parks. The holiday destinations have made their name in the world of tourism due to their unique culture, cuisine, traditions, natural beauty, and landscape.

The private, luxurious and stylish residence with its discreet personalized service makes it a perfect luxury holidays for you and your family. With world-class hotels catering to travelers of all stripes, unparalleled luxury shopping, and a nightlife scene that positively pulsates with energy, the travel operator will take you to another world of paradise. They are an exclusive way to experience a new country, with exotic resorts mixing culture with luxury amenities that make you feel nothing less than the king. Classy, affluent and luxurious are the words to describe your run into the greatest wilderness of the earth. The tour operator promises to spoil you all through your journey bit by bit on daily basis keeping in mind the luxury class you belong to. You will be offered some of the exquisite villas are anything but ordinary with sweeping views of the ocean and luxurious features and amenities.

Melbourne is a multi-cultural city with some fabulous architecture and great shopping. You could just lounge on the beach or have a city break in Sydney during your holiday to Australia. While counting the most thrilling and exciting music festivals in the world, the music festivals of Australia always steal the limelight. The very thought of Australia Holidays evokes the picture of a fashion conscious, vibrant Sydney and a sports-crazy Melbourne. With wonderful rainforest around, the beaches of Australia are a perfect place to spend your vacation time with your family and friends. Booking one of the tour operators customized holidays ensures that your special day is followed by an effervescent romantic journey is the perfect backdrop of a luxury holiday. The travel operator work to provide comfortable, pleasant and memorable stay to the clients during their holidays. The tour operator customizes all your holidays to suit you and ensure the holiday you book is the holiday you want.

Reasons To Choose A Vacation Rental

If youve been thinking about choosing a rental for your vacation, but you arent sure, below are ten reasons you should select a home rental instead of going the more traditional route of staying at a hotel. These tips might make your choice a little easier!

1. Vacation rentals can save you money. Whether you are taking a long weekend with a significant other or a full week trip with a group of friends, youll find that a vacation rental can be a great value.

2. Youll feel less like a tourist, and more like a local. Staying in a home in a residential neighborhood will give you a more genuine travel experience than staying in a hotel.

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Experience a Unique Seascape Vacation at Glenelg

Need a vacation? Want to go to a place where you can just be free and enjoy life? Why not try staying in a place near the sea? They say that the sea winds can rejuvenate tired bodies and souls. You can choose from a lot of beautiful places that are near the sea or the beach. But, if you prefer a place that can also provide family fun activities, cycling, canoeing, fishing, dolphin cruise and a bit of culture – go to GLENELG! p>

There at Glenelg you can surely experience a unique seaside escape by staying in one of their beachfront apartments. Plus just about 500m from your doorstep is The Beach House where your kids can play. They offer a 5 storey supervised Play Castle, Bumper Boats, Carousel, Dodgem Cars, Ferris Wheel, Mini Golf and water slides!

If you are more of an adventurous type, you can go canoeing on the smooth water in front of the apartment. You can also go biking as far as you want to and enjoy the adrenaline rush and the wind touching your face. You can also go fishing and then cook your catch.

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